I've had the chance to play with some amazing bands in the last couple of years. You can see them down here.


The energy of this Rotterdam based band is felt on their album aswell on stage; An electric shock wich will get every bodypart moving. Modji sounds how everyday life should be; infite summer and full of passion and desire.

De Raad van Toezicht

De Raad is a nine-man band that has been hailed as one of the hottest bands on the dutch jazz scene. Nine playful, yet solid musicians combine their ideas and influences to create contemporary jazz.


Mix some African Soul with a portion of Electronic love, throw in some narcotics and you have the tightest party of the night with Umeme. It doesnt get any better than this.

Son Swagga

Led by the light of imagination, Son Swagga creates a musical realm of magic and wonder. The nine-headed kinship tells tales of warring tribes, forces of nature and cosmic sorcery.