I picked up my first djembe when I was just 8 years old and never let go of him since. 

My first teacher was Jelle de Kroon and he immediately took me under his wings laying the basis of my style of playing. Under Jelle's amazing tutelage I had the opportunity to play with some great masters of African percussion, like Ibro and Fodé Konate, Baba Toure and Harouna Dembele who he hosted as part of his Mi Dushi Summercourses.

At the age of 16 I started to develop an interest in Afro-Cuban music and started playing conga's with the great percussionist Martin Gort. It was also at this time that I parted ways with Jelle to be able to go to Amsterdam and learn from the great Ponda O'Bryan and joined his youth ensemble the Wulabakan Juniors. With them I recorded two cds. One in collaboration with the old Guinean master Mansa Camio. Together with the Wulabakan Juniors I travelled to Africa to study the djembe traditions of Guinea and Mali which further cemented my love for percussion and its culture.

When I was 19 I got accepted for the Rotterdam Codarts Conservatory where I studied under great teachers like Martin Verdonk, Nils Fischer, Lucas Merwijk, Maxim Zettel and Bart Fermie. They helped me further shape my style of playing and in 2014 I graduated and was awarded a bachelors degree in Latin Percussion.

From that moment on I've been playing with different bands and in different styles. To see with who check out my ''Bands'' page.